On September 23rd, Latter-day Saints all over the world celebrated the dedication of the temple in Brigham City, Utah. It is the fourteenth temple in the state, and many wards cancelled regular church services on that day so their members could attend the ceremony in person or via satellite. The dedication was performed by Elder Boyd K. Packer.

Bonnie Schenk-Darrington,  an author and editor for Gospel Ideals, shares her thoughts on the experience:

I very much enjoyed the dedication of the Brigham Temple this morning. The thing that struck me the most was the huge smiles on the faces of the people in the choirs. People from the Brigham area used to have to drive to Logan or Ogden to attend the temple–not always a pleasant or practical proposition due to unpredictable northern Utah weather, freeway traffic jams, and twisty canyon roads teeming with wildlife.

One thing I learned while visiting the Brigham Temple at the open house was that Brigham’s people have longed for a temple of their very own for many years . . . and now they have it at last! Their joy as they sang “Hosanna, hosanna, to God and the Lamb” absolutely infected me, and I felt the tears just streaming down my face. Many happy wishes to the faithful Saints of Brigham, who have their own beautiful temple at long last!

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ feel blessed to have the ability to attend the temple. If you would like to attend an open house to see a temple before its dedication, you are invited to do so. Announcements of open houses can be found here on Gospel Ideals, and also on – by Tristi Pinkston