Family Scripture StudyFamily scripture study is an excellent way to unite your family in faith. It does not need to be lengthy, but reading scriptures together does need to take place regularly. Reading the words of God invites the Spirit of the Lord to be in your home, creating a haven from the world for you, your spouse, and your children.

In Psalms we read, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” (Psalms 119:105). Learning the word of the Lord, through the practice of family scripture study, can be a light to guide your family through good times and bad..

Reasons For Family Scripture Study

While individual scripture study is essential, family scripture study is also important. It is an excellent way to strengthen and help each other learn from the scriptures. Each family member is at a different stage in his or her life, has different strengths and weaknesses, and has a different personality. These various backgrounds aid in sharing unique aspects of what each member of the family has learned and interpreted from their reading. Everyone will have a greater understanding of what is read by sharing thoughts and feelings.

Family scripture study can be something that unifies your family. As you learn about scriptural events and doctrine, you have a chance to discuss what is truly important in your lives. Reading scriptures together is a way to help your family work through any problems or trials that someone in particular may be going through. It helps create the feeling that your family is a team, and that you’re all striving to please our Heavenly Father together.

The Logistics of Family Scripture Study

The way you actually run your family scripture study is up to you. It will depend a lot on the number and age of your children, the resources you have on hand, and time constraints. Here are a few things to think about:

1.What time best suits you family’s needs? Many families find that setting a specific time each day for family scripture study helps it happen more consistently. Some families do it early in the morning before everyone goes to school, work, or other pursuits. Other families set aside time in the evenings to bring the family together before everyone goes to bed. The most important thing is to find an arrangement that works best for your family. Schedule a time when most if not all family members can be there consistently.

2. Think about the location. Reading should take place where everyone can be alert and as free from distractions as possible. Have people sit up and focus on whomever is speaking. Make sure there are enough comfortable chairs and tables where you gather. It is fine to switch things around here and there, but having a default place and time will help with consistency.

3. Plan the logistics. Does everyone have their own set of scriptures? Will you take turns reading? If so, how much will each person read? How do people show they have a question or comment? Organizing ahead of time is helpful so your family scripture study flows as smoothly as possible.

Whatever you decide, make sure that every family member understands what is going on. If something is not working, try something else until you find the circumstances that most consistently engage everyone in family scripture study.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Family Scripture Study

In order for any study session to be effective, invite the presence of the Spirit. He is the true teacher who confirms the truth of the words that you will read in the scriptures.

First and foremost, family scripture study should be coupled with family prayer. Kneel as a family, and every time you do, allow someone else to pray. Pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit, and pray that you will be taught the things you need to know in order to help you in your lives right now. Express gratitude for each other and pray for specific members of the family by name who might need extra help. This will create the proper spirit of unity and ensure your scripture study will be as good as it can be.

You should also make sure you take time to allow for discussion. Many passages of scripture are difficult to understand, especially for younger readers. The language of the scriptures is often not the kind of language used in our everyday, modern speech. Make it clear to everyone it is okay to ask questions and when a question arises, use it to springboard a discussion for the group.

Another good idea is to use this time to try to commit certain favorite passages of scripture to memory. Take turns suggesting different scriptures to learn and memorize. Have everyone recite the scriptures they memorized. Read them out loud and often until the words start to become second nature. Learning passages of scripture by heart helps you internalize them and makes it easier to bring them to mind when difficult situations arise. It is a source of strength.

Finally, although family scripture study is most effective when it is consistent, if you do miss a day don’t let it get you down. Pick up again the next day and do your very best. Do not be discouraged if some days are not as productive or spiritual as others. This is not a reason to quit.

As you become consistent in reading scriptures as a family, you will find it is a very enjoyable experience. You will begin to see how the different books of scripture fit together, and how God’s plan has been carried out in every generation. The Spirit of the Lord will be in your home, and your children will build a spiritual foundation on which to build the rest of their lives.

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