Life, by its very nature, is a challenge. At times I wonder how I’ll make it through another day with my sanity intact only to realize that I lost it a long time ago. I have fears and failings, experience doubt and discouragement, and yet there is one constant comfort, one ever-present foundation, and that is my friend and savior, Jesus Christ.

1. Jesus Christ is accessible to us. We can reach Him at any time in prayer, He listens, and He answers. Sometimes we have to wait a little while for the answer, and sometimes it’s a no, but He always does answer. We don’t have to make an appointment or be an ordained minister to merit His attention – He listens to each and every soul on this earth.

2. He understands each of us perfectly. He knew us before we came to this earth, we are more dear to Him than we can possibly imagine, and when we have a trial in our lives, He knows how we feel and He deeply cares.

3. He gives me hope and joy. It is because of Him that I look forward to every day. Whenever I start to feel discouraged, I know I can lean on Him to take away that discouragement and to give me the strength to conquer whatever it is that troubles me. He doesn’t give us darkness; He gives us light.

4. He always wants what is for our best good. The commandments aren’t there to fetter us or to take away our fun; they are there because by living those principles, we find the most joy and happiness. He never asks us to do anything that would bring us misery.

5. He is the pathway back. He laid the markers, He showed the way, He told us how to do it, and offered to help us succeed. He made it so incredibly simple, and we just make it harder for ourselves by not listening. But He outlined every step for us so that if we just follow Him, we can return to the presence of our Heavenly Father and live with Him eternally. It’s a precious gift that He holds out with both hands, if we’ll just take it.

I love and honor Jesus Christ as my Savior and King, and I know with all my heart that He is there for each and every one of us as we call upon His name.  – Tristi Pinkston