I had a dream in the early 90s that I feel impressed to share—the first dream I ever had that I considered significant. It has given me great comfort ever since. It was so real, so vivid.

I saw myself driving alone up a narrow mountain road, shivering in the cold of a dark, rainy night. Fear enveloped me. The road had no shoulder, no place I could turn around or pull over, much as I wanted to. I was driving higher and higher up a treacherous mountain road that was slick with rain. As I approached a hairpin curve, I suddenly realized I could not hold the road. I’ve never felt more terrified than the moment in my dream when my car sailed off into black, dark nothingness. I was falling, helpless, knowing I was going to die. I could do nothing but give myself totally over to God. As I did so, my fear was swallowed up by the most intense, most amazing peace I have ever known. I felt and saw myself cradled, safe and warm, in God’s loving hands (just like I’ve seen in pictures of the planet earth in His hands) and nothing else mattered.

At that moment I woke up, still wrapped in peace, and sat up in bed, amazed. In the middle of the night in my dark bedroom, I sat there pondering the symbolic message of my dream. In one of the most perilous circumstances I could imagine, the Lord had shown me I could trust Him implicitly . . . that I am always in His hands, spiritually safe, regardless of outward perils.

Since that night I have often come across passages in modern scripture that powerfully validate my dream, such as, “Know ye not that ye are in the hands of God? Know ye not that he hath all power?” (Mormon 5:23)  and “Therefore, let your hearts be comforted concerning Zion; for all flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God” (D & C 101:6). In the Bible, Song of Solomon 2:6 says something similar: “His left hand is under my head, and his right hand doth embrace me.”

I have received so many personal witnesses that we are in God’s hands and can trust Him implicitly. I have come to know without a doubt that the Lord is willing to bless and lift and help all of us, that He is always there to deliver us from grief, fear, sorrow, and pain. That message increases in importance as calamity and evil increase in this world.

A few years after my dream, I was in a three-car freeway accident. Just before impact, everything went into slow motion; my dream came forcibly to mind and I surrendered to God’s will, as I had in the dream. I felt in actual experience that I was in His hands—and my life was preserved. During the months of my recovery, I continued to feel the reality of being in God’s hands and was comforted and blessed by that feeling.

I’ve found it fascinating to chronicle the Lord’s kind tutoring over the years, including the dream, that gave me the strength I needed when, a couple of years after my accident, my son Brian took his own life. When I learned of that awful happening, I had my most vivid experience of sailing off into dark black nothingness. Remembering I was in God’s hands—and that Brian was in His hands—sustained and comforted me and gave me the strength to go on.

Now it is my goal to apply the message of my dream to the current world situation, which can otherwise drive me to distraction. I know that the peace of my soul does not depend on the economy or the political climate, or the level of righteousness in the society in which I live, but upon my awareness of God’s influence and loving care. I stay in a place of inner peace only when I remember that God is in control, that the ultimate outcome is sure and that we are safe in His hands. – Darla Isackson